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If you are not ready with the right tool, you will continue to look for new employment for a long time. How much are you losing per week in salary if you are not employed? It is imperative that your resume capture attention within seconds and from a differentiating angle. Hire expert assistance.

Like most job hunters searching for employment, you are probably frustrated, and you need assistance from a professional that will guarantee to help you attain job interviews for a more satisfying career. We have your solution! Getting your phone to ring with the right employers on the other side is not as difficult as you might think. Iit is work, it requires strategic thinking, but it is not impossible. In fact, if done right, it's a sure thing. Pair efforts with a quadruple certified expert in the preparation of your career marketing dossiers.

Many people who write their own resume, create resumes that are vague, difficult to understand, and do not promote value employers care about. Some resumes even sound pretentious in an effort to convey intelligence. We will ensure your resume is a winning one so that you capture an opportunity.

We Will Help You Reach Employers Online!

Will your job search campaign be launched online as well? Of course! Have you been posting your resume on job banks and emailing it with no response? Are you beginning to predict these job openings are just for online advertisement?

Allow me to ask you another you posses an electronic resume and does it contain keywords? No? Well, there you have it. It's not you, it’s your resume. Whether you are an executive, in information technology, a web designer, in computer graphics...a mom returning to work,  we will help you by crafting a compelling resume.

Employers expect you to be Internet savvy and come to them! You must market yourself online with the right resume tool and brand.  Do you know what happens when you apply for a position via the Internet and you send them the wrong format with no keywords? You will never hear back from them because they have never heard about you!

Have you ever noticed that when you paste your resume into an online job bank it never looks the same? This is because you need an eresume and we will provide you with a free copy. 

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Resumes are marketing dossiers and not obituaries or history reports. With so many job seekers vying for the same opportunity right now, it is not enough that you mention your qualifications but you must:

Survive online sorting—resumes are scanned into a database and then sorted based on keywords. Those resumes that contain keywords make it to the view pile and those that do not, receive a "thank-you-but-no thanks" electronically generated notice.

Hold attention beyond 3 to 5 second glance—resumes that attract and 'wow' the reader within a few seconds are retained and accelerate to the next review phase. Those that do not, are discarded.

Provide easy-to-spot relevant qualifications—resumes that succinctly but strategically promote unique value are persuasive. Don't make your new employer dig for information (they won't!).

Compel the reader to call—those resumes that convince the hiring authority and reassure them that this is a must-call candidate who is different, better, and guarantees results, win interviews!
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